Newspaper "AcadeMix"

The youth’s favorite publication – their own newspaper "Akademix" was brought into life by students and for students. Today, the newspaper has the status of regional publication and it is distributed not only in the Academy, but in the whole region.

The newspaper has become more professional containing a lot of diverse information. As the Academy holds many interesting events almost on a daily basis, which must be covered by the newspaper, the number of pages has increased significantly from 4 to 12, and sometimes even 16. The readers keep asking: "When will the next issue be available?".

Its first issue was published in 1999. The title was the idea of a former student Alexander Horuzin. Although at that period the newspaper was published on a gray paper without special design or printing elegance, it immediately became popular among readers because it was "their" newspaper, which reported about the difficult but exciting first steps of the young university, the small but friendly team of students and the teaching staff.

As the time passed the newspaper had different editors. The editorial board received modern equipment and the possibilities to widely cover the events taking place at the Academy. The AcadeMix is released in the color format A-3 and published by the local publishing houses.

Since August 2004 the newspaper’s chief editor is a professional journalist Natalia Danylenko. Together with her and the designer Yuri Khyzhnyak the newspaper’s creators are the Academy’s students - future bankers, financiers and lawyers. They learn how to take interviews, write memos, reports and articles about the events of the Academy, and the problems of young people.

"AcadeMix" reports about the student life, outstanding personalities among teachers and students, publishes materials on the aesthetic and spiritual education of youth, sport achievements of students, promotes a healthy lifestyle.

The newspaper has the following rubrics - "Science", "Priorities", "Partnership", "Self-government", "Personalities", "Healthy lifestyle", "Art", "Spirituality", "Alma-Mater", "Academic palette", "Heritage", "European integration", "Student internships", "Literary Page", "Success story", "Dean’s office", "Music lover", "Creativity", "Sports-Time", "Universities of the world", "Our talents", "Students" leisure time", etc.