TV studio ZachёtT

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Not every higher educational institution in Ukraine has its own TV studio. The Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine is one of the few!

The Academy’s students not only obtain sound knowledge and prestigious professions, but develop their creative abilities. Everyone finds some occupation to his (or her) liking – at the editorial board of the newspaper "Akademix", in numerous dancing and singing groups, students' theatre, in the club of intellectual games, the literary studio, or vocal and instrumental music bands. The television programs of the "Zachёt TV" studio are regularly shown on the regional TV channels. It has a modern video and assembly equipment, digital cameras of the latest models.

Earlier this year students decided to make a promotion video of the Academy. The goal of the video was to tell about our institution as one of the best universities in Ukraine doing it in unconventional and bright way. This Lip Dub video became a smashing hit. Participating in this professionally done video clip were 500 students. Doing this video the future financiers, economists and lawyers discovered their talents as journalists, actors, cameramen and producers. They worked like real professionals. The video created a furor not only in the community of students and the teaching staff, but also far beyond the Academy. In six months it received over 10 thousand views in social networks. It was a real success!