Art collection

The Academy has its own art collection with the works of the painting and graphic arts from Ukraine, Poland, Croatia and Switzerland. From the beginning of its existence the gallery "Academichna" began to form its own art collection, which includes the paintings and graphic art works not only from Ukraine, but also from abroad. They adorn our library’s reading rooms, the interior of the Academy’s departments. It is possible that some of these works are capable of helping students find creative solutions to some of their professional tasks. At the same time, our collection is a cultural heritage, which is passed on from one generation to another of the Academy’s students.

Maria Bereznicka-Przylecka. Gliwice (Poland). The beginning and the end. 2011 Ivan Gapochenko (Sumy)
After the rain. 2001
Borys Danchenko (Sumy)
Nocturne. 1999
Mykola Zhulinsky (Суми)
Night birds. 1993
Volodymyr Kabachenko (Odessa)
The magpie, which can not figure out what the pike is doing. 1993
Ivan Lackowic (Croatia) (1932-2004)
Musicians. 1981
Ivan Lukash (Sumy)
Crane. 1990
Rimma Mylenkova (Sumy)
On the windowsill. 2000
Viktor Mykhailychenko (Sumy)
Tower in Natalivtsi. 2003
Grygoriy Petrenko (Sumy)
Autumn Park. 2005
Serhiy Pobozhiy (Sumy)
Putivl in the evening. 2003
Volodymyr Ratner (Sumy)
Town view. 2002
Alexander Sadovsky (Sumy)
In the beginning there was the word. 1989
Georgiy Safronof. Katowice (Poland)
Spring in Luka. 2011
Oleg Tistol (Kyiv)
Gurzuf. 2008
Oleksandra Tregubova (Sumy)
Dishevelled lady. 2002
Dmytro Chudnov (Sumy) (1927-2012)
Sunny frosty day. 1987
Igor Shvachunov (Суми)
Wall I. 2002
Mykhaylo Yudenkov (Sumy)
Meeting. 1999
Mykhaylo Yudenkov (Суми)
A girl with irises. 2002