The Academy honors history and knows how to preserve it. Three museum complexes have been established here.

"Museum of Banking history in the Sumy region and the History of Ukrainian Money"[ was founded in 2006. This is a special museum, which received from the National Bank of Ukraine a unique collection of bonds out of circulation. The exposition of the bonds is arranged in the thematic-chronological order - from the first appearance of money to the present days. In addition to the numerous historical documents, photographs, metal money (coins, souvenir bars), commemorative medals of the National Bank of Ukraine there is an exhibition presenting technical appliances used in the banking industry in the late 20th century.

"Museum of electronic and office equipment' was founded in 2013. It presents the computer technology development in the world and in Ukraine. The exhibition has samples of the first technical equipment that were used in the educational process: different models of calculators, the first computers such as "Iskra 1030M", "Poisk 2", BK- 0010 and others. The first training technical machinery from film-viewing devices to overhead projectors is on display. Viewers can also see various types of telephones and tape machines; different types of digital media - magnetic tapes, punched cards, slides, filmstrips, CDs.

"Museum of the Sukhanovs family' was founded in 2010. This is an exhibition located in the Scientific Library of the Academy. It displays the material related to the life and charitable activities of the well-known entrepreneurs and philanthropists Sukhanovs, who made outstanding contribution to the development of Sumy in the second half of the 19th - early 20th centuries.