Museum of electronic and office equipment

The Museum of electronic and office equipment was founded in 2013 on the initiative of the Acting rector of the Academy, Professor Serhiy Kozmenko. It presents the computer technology development in the world and in Ukraine.

The Museum of electronic and office equipment is a form of creative and social activity of students nurturing the respect for the relics of history, culture and science.

The main objective of the museum is to contribute to educational activities, promote information technologies and popularize the specialty "Economic Cybernetics".

The main goal of the museum is to show the progress in the development of computer equipment in the world and in Ukraine; to demonstrate changes in the forms and methods of the educational process; to bring class-room learning closer to production experiences.

The exhibition has samples of the first technical equipment that were used in the educational process: different models of calculators, the first computers such as "Iskra 1030M", "Poisk 2", BK- 0010 and others. The first training technical machinery from film-viewing devices to overhead projectors is on display. Viewers can also see various types of telephones and tape machines; different types of digital media - magnetic tapes, punched cards, slides, filmstrips, CDs.

The curator of the museum - Methodologist, Head of the Laboratory of the Department of Economic Cybernetics, V. Burega.

Since the opening of the museum more than 50 excursions for schools and other educational institutions have been organized. Total number of visitors - more than 900.