The Museum of Banking and the History of Money in the Sumy Region

The Museum of Banking and the History of Money in the Sumy Region operates at the State higher educational institution "the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine" in Sumy.

The museum was founded in 2006 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Academy on the basis of a unique collection of bonds – the paper money out of circulation, which were given to the Academy by the National Bank of Ukraine. The exposition of the bonds is arranged in the thematic-chronological order - from the first appearance of money to the present days. In addition to the numerous historical documents, photographs, metal money (coins, souvenir bars), commemorative medals of the National Bank of Ukraine there is an exhibition presenting technical appliances used in the banking industry in the late XX century. The museum’s exhibition is regularly updated with new historical exhibits - photographs, securities, and personal paraphernalia of bankers.

The museum conducts excursions in two thematic areas:

"Development of Banking in the Sumy region" - historical overview covering the period from the Russian Empire of the Queen Catherine II, when in 1785 she issued "the Charter to Russian towns", which allowed the establishment of banks in urban areas. The first bank on the territory of the Sumy region appeared in 1865 in the town of Romny. Visitors can view a lot of historical documents and an extensive photo archive of the XIX-XX centuries. Special attention is given to well-known personalities of the region in finance and banking:

Alexiy Alchevsky, a merchant, industrialist, banker, founder of the Mutual credit society, the Kharkiv land bank and the Kharkiv commercial bank;

Michaylo Tereshchenko, entrepreneur, philanthropist and financier, the first finance minister of the USSR, the man who saved the Austrian bank "Credit Anshtalt" from bankruptcy and annexation by Hitler's Germany;

Gregoriy Sokolnikov, commander of the army, the first Finance Commissar of the USSR;

Volodymyr Stelmach, banker, economist, Head of the National Bank of Ukraine (2000-2003), (2004-2010), Honorary Citizen of Sumy, Honorary Professor of the Academy;

Viktor Yushchenko, financier, public and political figure, Prime Minister of Ukraine (1999-2001), President of Ukraine (2005-2010), chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine (1993-1999), Honorary Professor of the Academy.

"The history of money and the national currency" – an exposition of the museum dedicated to the history of money, especially the money of independent Ukraine. During the gathering of exhibits a considerable assistance was provided by the National Bank of Ukraine, which gave the Academy a large collection - from the earliest to modern money, from ancient metal coins to souvenir money and commemorative medals of the National Bank of Ukraine.

In 2013, the Academy’s Research Center together with the Museum of the Academy published a monograph "Development of Banking in the Sumy Region (mid XIX - XX centuries)."

The curator of the museum - Associate Professor, Research Fellow of the Scientific Centre of the Academy S. Tyhenko.