The Museum of Sukhanov Family

This title has a Spotlight Exhibition, which opened in March 26, 2010 in Academic Library of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine. It presents materials related to the life and charitable activities of well-known businessmen and philanthropists – Sukhanov family. Until recently, unfortunately, it was known nothing about the representatives of this glorious family, about Dmitry Ivanovich, and then his nephew, Nicholaj Alexijovych, who made a range of activities for Sumy development in the second half of the 19 th - early 20 th centuries.

The representatives of the family have been awarded by many titles for significant contribution to the development of Sumy. In particular, Dmitri was an honorary citizen of the town, received a letter of praise for excellent service to urban communities, the right to be named an honored citizen and a right to wear a uniform while retired. And Nikolai Sukhanov, for his work "in institutions of Empress Maria" in January 1, 1892-year was "Imperially granted" the title of an honorary citizen hereditary.

These and dozens of other facts for years have been meticulously collected by the head of the Bank ERSTE, an ethnographer, an artist, and a collector - Gregory Petrenko.During the presentation he decided to donate his library to the Academy.

As was described by the vice-rector Alla Yarova, “now in our educational establishment the most complete collection of materials about the famous family, whose members are buried at the cemetery of Sumy, - is present”. The exhibition is supplemented by copies of historical documents preserved in the State Archive of Sumy region. During the presentation, the head of this institution Gennady Ivanushchenko presented the documents to the gallery.