The Academic Council

According to the statute of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine, its Academic Council consists of 32 persons. The term of appointment of the Council - 3 years.

The authority of the Academic Council (the Law of Ukraine on higher education):

"A scientific council of a higher educational institution is a collegial body of an institution of the third or fourth level of accreditation, which is formed for the period of up to five years.

The responsibilities of the Academic Council include:

  • submission of the statute’s project and amendments to it to the highest public authorities;
  • approval of financial plans and reports of the higher educational institution;
  • submission to the rector of the University of proposals regarding the appointment and dismissal of the library’s director, vice-rectors, heads of institutes and the chief accountant;
  • election by secret ballot of department heads and professors;
  • approval of educational programs and curricula;
  • making decisions on the educational process;
  • adoption of the main areas of scientific research;
  • assessment of scientific and pedagogical activity of structural subdivisions;
  • making decisions about the conferment of academic titles of assistant professor, professor and senior research fellow.

The Academic Council of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine also considers other issues in accordance with its statute."