Art galleries

The Academy’s life is rich in cultural and artistic events. It is one of the few educational institutions in Ukraine, which has two art galleries - Art gallery "Academichna" (since 1998) and the Gallery of Contemporary Art "AkademART" (since 2013). Due to this, the Academy has become a cultural and art center of Sumy with its activities known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Exhibitions are focused on acquainting students, faculty and staff of the Academy, residents of the Sumy region with the works of Ukrainian and foreign artists. Along with traditional forms and genres of fine art the galleries organize unconventional exhibitions, introduce viewers to new trends in the contemporary visual arts.

If the "Academichna" gallery gives preference to painting and drawing, the "AkademART" is focused on showing experimental art projects. Versatile exhibitions, presentations, open air painting sessions and performances are a stimulus for creative development of students and lecturers of the Academy. Galleries are also involved in various art projects closely collaborating with artists and art institutions.

Thanks to numerous open air painting sessions in the Sumy region, other regions of Ukraine and abroad launched by the Art Gallery "Academichna" it became possible to create an art collection of the Academy, which includes paintings and graphics of Ukrainian and foreign artists.

The activity of art galleries is directly related to the educational process and contributes to the training of future professionals for a possible work in the art business, formation of a new way of thinking aimed at creative perception and practical application of new skills.