Membership in associations

The Academy is a member of international associations and organizations:

  • "BSUN" – The Black Sea Universities Network has been initiated as an inter-university cooperation framework for the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization. It was founded in June 1998 when the rectors and representatives of more than 60 universities met in Constanta and agreed on the principles that have to govern a cooperation platform where the members of the academic community might feel an extension of their University. The benefits for the member universities are the opportunities to interact with the member universities, to propose projects, to be invited in projects or different activities, to take the benefit of lobbying activities.
  • "ERF" – Established in 2004 as a non-profit and non-partisan organization, Koç University - TÜSİAD Economic Research Forum is devoted to promoting independent and objective analysis on economic growth and discussing the implications of different economic policy options. ERF aims to be a world-class research institute that draws on both the academic and the professional expertise of the most outstanding minds in the field of economics and business. Integrating with business community through direct academic involvement in research related to the global economy, ERF is dedicated to promote independent and objective analysis on economic policies for faster growth. ERF's mission is to conduct business and economic research, and to provide alternatives for short-term and long-term economic policies to meet the challenges of the sustainable economic growth.
  • "ERA" – The European Retail Academy (ERA) has as its scope to act as a virtual platform and as an initiator of workshops/seminars/conferences to bring more transparency about retail-research and retail-education at universities or universities of applied sciences. Further on ERA acts as a catalyst for sponsors who would like to contribute to reach a high level of trade (retail/wholesale)-education. ERA promotes the international transfer of know-how between business on the one side and universities at the other side.
  • The Academy is a participant of the United Nations Global Compact, which makes it possible to receive relevant information about the social activity of foreign educational institutions and organizations.

    In 2013, the Academy joined such research institutions as the "Helaba financial center" (Frankfurt, Germany), "Bank for International Settlements" (BIS) (Basel, Switzerland), Center for Economic Research and Postgraduate Education "CERGE-EI" (Prague, Czech Republic), "American Bankers Association" (Washington, USA) and "Association of Polish banks" (Warsaw, Poland). From these institutions the Academy regularly receives information materials with statistical, analytical and research publications on the issues of monetary and financial stability.