Exchange programs

The Academy’s students have a unique opportunity to get European diplomas of higher education. With the support of the Honorary Professor of the Academy, Professor of the Link Campus University (Rome, Italy) Michele Pizzo students of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking have an opportunity to receive Italian diplomas after studying in Italy.

The training program is designed for students with the qualification of "bachelors" and "masters" in the specialty "International Economics". According to the agreements reached between the Academy’s Professor Alexander Kostyuk and Professor Michele Pizzo of the Link Campus University, beginning from the academic year 2014-2015 the Academy’s students will have an opportunity to study at the Link Campus University receiving the degrees of bachelors and masters recognized in the EU countries.

Due to the joint efforts of members of the International Centre for Banking and Corporate Governance headed by Professor Alexander Kostyuk, and the representatives of the Linnaeus University (Sweden) - Honorary Professor of the Academy Sven-Olof Collin and his colleagues Yulia Ponomaryova, in March 2014 a positive decision was reached regarding the Linnaeus-Palme scholarships. The Linnaeus-Palme program is focused on cooperation of higher education institutions in Sweden and developing countries. This program is designed both for students and lecturers of collaborating universities.

The Academy has an experience of student exchanges with Swedish universities. In the academic year 2013-2014 two students of the Department of Finance obtained bachelor degrees at the Linnaeus University (Vaxjo, Sweden). Now, students of "International Economics" and "Finance" are able to qualify for a scholarship to study in Sweden.

Exchange program with Link Campus University for bachelor students

Exchange program with Link Campus University for master students

Student exchange program with the Linnaeus University for bachelor students