Faculty of Finance and Accounting


Dean: Taras Savchenko,
Doctor of Economic Sciences,

Assistant Professor
The Faculty of Finance and Accounting trains specialists in the fields of “Accounting”, “Audit” and “Finance”, which are in high demand on the market. The Faculty’s staff are actively engaged in the development and implementation of the latest computer programs in the processes of financial analysis and accounting, which contributes to the development of students’ analytical skills. Business games, competitions, round table discussions on different subjects, participation in scientific forums are conducive to the improvement of students’ professional knowledge. The best students become prize-winners of all-Ukrainian student competitions in mathematics, accounting, foreign languages, etc.

Graduates of the Faculty maintain the Academy’s image by using the obtained knowledge in financial and banking institutions, managerial bodies, industry and agriculture.

The faculty has a good teaching potential: more than 70 per cent of all lecturers have scientific degrees. Scientists devote great attention to multi-level training of specialists in the area of finance and banking, studying of national priorities and international experience. Researchers investigate issues relating to the implementation of international accounting standards, improvement of accounting and audit. They constantly seek to raise their qualification. Their reports are presented at many domestic and international scientific conferences. Every year specialized journals publish dozens of articles of the faculty’s scientists.

During an academic year teachers prepare more than 30 textbooks and teaching materials for students. Future specialists are fully provided with the training and reference literature.

The Faculty of Finance and Accounting offers full-time and part-time forms of study.

The Faculty consists of the following Chairs: