Department of Physical Education

Pilipej Leonid Petrovich

Pilipej Leonid Petrovich,
Head of the Department,
candidate of pedagogic Sciences,
docent of General information.

General information about the Department

Department of physical education was established in 1998. However, about the health of the students, their activities and the establishment of the sports image the department of care from the first days of its existence.

Website of the Department of Physical Education

Today, the Department employs 10 teachers and 2 assistants. Classes of physical culture are held on all courses, full-time training.

Sport and public work are closely connected with the educational process.

During the educational process, the Department of physical education is continuously improving the psychophysical State of students ' problems and strengthening their health.

Scientific and research work

To solve the problems of optimization of psychophysical State of students the Department of physical education is a series of studies, the main of them are the following:

  • defining the initial level of theoretical knowledge;
  • studying on the level of motivation to school physical culture;
  • conducting self-assessments of health;
  • determining the level of the previous sport and methodological training;
  • determination of the directions of the development of physical culture in the Academy.

The Department conducts research of the level and dynamics of the natural qualities of the students. Based on these studies and the experience of the submitted proposals the national doctrine of development of physical culture and sports in Ukraine has been done.

For the system work on solving the problems of professional-applied physical preparation, optimization of their psychophysical condition and health improvement the following a comprehensive study has been held: determined the level of theoretical knowledge, the motivation to school physical culture; held health self esteem, the level of the previous sports and methodological training; status of physical culture in diagnosed mìkrosocìumì, studied the idea of students about the process and the directions of the development of physical culture in the Academy have been studied.

The research confirmed the deterioration of psychophysical status and mental capacity of the students during the school day from the first till the fourth pair. Detected the presence of pathologies and disturbances in the state of health of students, which is a problem when preparing the workforce.

Studies of the status of employees of the regional offices of the psychophysical National Bank of Ukraine on different specialties to create profesìogram to improve the professional-applied physical training students have been done.

A questionnaire survey was conducted by students and graduates to create profesìogram for professional-applied physical training students.

Educational-methodical work

For physical training students at the Department created the necessary educational-methodical provision has been created:

  • prepared a training manual for self-study physical culture;
  • developed a model of development of physical qualities;
  • developed scheme of 6-12-hour week for optimal motor mode;
  • created and added to the Bank physical training students;
  • designed and implemented a system of educational process the place of residence and interests of students;
  • developed complex exercise for students of I-IV courses;
  • the teachers are lecture lectures šejpìngu, basketball, football, bagatoborstvu, ìndorhokeû, athletics; implemented a unique system of computer software systems, fotofìnìšu and fal′startu in tracks athletic arenas.

According to the results of the formed study groups with regard to the level of training of the students, health status, interests, place of residence. Developed a training program of physical training, according to which created 3: home, special medical and sports.

Material and technical base

The Academy has a modern sports base – the universal gyms and sports equipment. Thanks to her students have the opportunity not only to engage in physical training, but also for regional and national competitions with both summer and winter sports.

Athletes of the Academy, the Sumy oblast and Ukraine has on a unique sports complex (Manege), which provides opportunities for sporting competitions and educational training meetings of different levels. Universal track Manege is the only in Ukraine, the complex, which and meets the requirements of ÌAAF.

Cover of treadmills was performed by the Italian firm "Mondo", which also provided all the sports stabilities Manege.

Construction is multifunctional: Hall with running tracks is intended for light athletics, running the short, medium and long distance running with pereponam legkoatletičnim bagatoborstvom jumping height, length, pole, štovhannâm kernel, thanks to the edition of the wooden cover here also take measures with the game of basketball sports, mini football, handball, types of martial arts, handball, ìndorhokeû and others.

In addition to the Sports Hall in the building are: room of the medical and doping control, the press-centre, room-Museum of scientific laboratory equipped with bìgovimi tracks, simulators of firm "Tehnodžim" and "REBA-9000". The audience Hall is designed for 1250 fixed places. If you need more advanced mounted the podium 3 thousand. the man.

Sports competitions are held and the building of Ukrainian and international levels, as well as extend the prefab team with mastery of the sport athletics, arts, game sports.

Swimming pool-25 m, the length of the 5 tracks with modern filtration and boiling water. The THIRD case study – on the first floor is the athletic facilities are located; facilities for the fight, which is covered with tatami; the gym is equipped with a fitness company "Vasìl" and "Tehnodžim"; facilities for šejpìngu.

On the second floor is a large sports hall, which pass the basketball, volleyball, table tennis, gymnastics, martial arts and šejpìngu, etc. Hostel № 1, № 3, St. Yakira 10 – are a gym; Gym Hall of martial arts. There is also a clear universal playground.

The Sports Club in s. Golubničogo "UABS NBU".

September 1, 2005, was created by the Sports Club in s. Golubničogo of the NBU UABS.

Chairman of the Board, Volodymyr Stepanovych Holubnychy Sporting Club is a member of the p’âti of the Olympic Games, the two-time Olympic champion in the sport of walking, the cavalier of the Golden Olympic order, the Executive Director of the sporting Club Tkachenko Aleksandr Afanasiyovich.

Sports, cultivated in the sports club – football, volleyball, handball, athletics, basketball, chess, draughts, table tennis, skiing, darts, diving, šejpìng, ìndorhokej, tourism, biathlon, šortrek, futsal, tennis, badminton, athleticism, Tae kwon do, karate, kìkboksìng, judo, Sambo, competitions involving strength demonstration, polìatlon, fitness aerobics, orienteering. Currently in the Sports Club are athletes with different 511 sports that successfully deliver on regional, national, and international competitions.

The Department conducted Organizational and educational work with the students of the Academy.