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of Accounting and Audit.

Head of the Chair: Fedir Zhuravka, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

The Chair of Accounting and Audit trains bachelors, specialists and masters in the full-time and part time forms.

The Chair consists of 21 lecturers, including 1 Doctor of Economics, 11 assistant professors, 2 senior lecturers, 4 lecturers, 2 assistants and 1 technician.

Disciplines taught by the Chair:

  • Audit
  • Accounting (theory)
  • Accounting at enterprises
  • Accounting in the sphere of budgetary organizations
  • Accounting, control and audit
  • State financial control
  • Information systems and technologies in accounting
  • History of accounting
  • Reporting of enterprises
  • Accounting in fields of economic activity
  • Organization and methods of accounting
  • Organization of accounting at small business enterprises
  • Taxation system
  • Taxation management
  • Development of financial and economic mechanism at enterprises
  • Legal accounting expertise
  • Strategic analysis
  • Managerial accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Statistical accounting
  • Statistics
  • Economic analysis
  • Strategic analysis
  • Models and methods of decision making in analysis and audit

The Chair conducts significant work in the following areas:

  • studying the experience of teaching accounting, reporting and audit at leading educational institutions abroad;
  • additional training of the Chair’s staff
  • preparation and defense of dissertations
  • curricula development
  • preparation of scientific and methodical literature
  • wide use of computer technologies in the process of teaching international accounting standards and audit

The researchers of the Chair have prepared more than 100 methodical papers, 450 scientific works including 30 monographs, brochures and textbooks, in particular:

  • V. Moskalenko. The system of company management. 1996.
  • V. Moskalenko. Investing into company development and bank credits. 2005.
  • V. Moskalenko. Development of financial and economic mechanisms of a company. 2003.
  • V. Moskalenko. Financial and economic mechanism of an enterprise. 2003.
  • V. Moskalenko. Economic innovations: search and implementation. 2004.
  • S. Goltsova. Companies’ reporting (statistical, financial, consolidated). Textbook. 2004.
  • S. Goltsova. Accounting. Textbook. 2007.
  • G. Andreyeva. Economic analysis. Textbook. 2008.
  • Y. Slobodyanyk. Financial mechanisms in transportation companies. Monograph. 2007.
  • Y. Slobodyanyk. Statistical accounting. Textbook. 2009.
  • T. Pasko. History of Accounting. Textbook. 2009.
  • B. Dadashev. Credit unions in Ukraine. Textbook. 2009.

The main area of the Chair’s scientific activity is the research and analysis of opportunities for the development of accounting in the economy’s banking sector, issues of increasing the economic independence of industrial enterprises, research of Ukraine’s taxation system, methods to stabilize the state’s taxation policy.

The results of the Chair’s scientific activities are used in the teaching process, in the writing of text-books, manuals, monographs, brochures and articles.

In 2004 the Chair published the text-book “Reporting of enterprises”, which highlighted the theoretical foundations of reporting at enterprises, methods of financial, statistical and consolidated reporting and reporting for social insurance and pension funds.

The Chairs staff devote much attention to the quality of teaching. They conduct seminars and tests in the key topics, introduce elements of business games and case studies.

In order to improve the control over the students’ knowledge teachers make use of the new computerized testing system based on the “Tests Constructor” software, which makes it possible to examine and analyze students’ knowledge in many subject areas. To avoid the monotony of the teaching process and to provide students with practical skills the Chairs staff organize different role games. During these games students feel themselves like real specialists in accounting, auditors and controllers solving the problems that occur in practice.

Students’ research activities help them think in a scientific way and form a creative approach to their studying. Since 2000 a student scientific circle has been investigating the most interesting trends in accounting. Under the guidance of teachers students prepare reports which they present at the circles’ sittings.

Foreign partners of the Chair: University of Applied Sciences of the Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany), Poznan School of Banking (Poland), Forst Bank (Germany), Hochschule Zittau / Goerlitz (FH) (Germany), Vatter Consulting (Germany), Financial Academy with the Government of the Russian Federation.

Chair’s address: Petropavlivska Str. 57, 40030, Sumy, Ukraine.
Tel: (0542) 619-182