The chair of Management and Financial and Economic Security

Балацький Євген Олегович  

Head of the Chair: Professor, Doctor of Economics, Yevhen Balatskyi.

The chair of Management and Financial and Economic Security trains specialists in Management at the levels of bachelor, specialist and master.

The Chair’s staff consists of 16 persons including 2 professors, 2 Doctors of Economic Sciences, 8 assistant professors, 4 senior lecturers and 1 Chair senior assistant.

Disciplines taught by the Chair:

  • Marketing
  • Methods of training in higher education
  • Methodology of teaching at the university level and the Bologne process
  • Methodology and organization of scientific research
  • Regional economics
  • Management
  • Project management
  • Basics of management
  • Economy and organization of innovative activities
  • Disposition of productive forces
  • Basics of management and marketing
  • Labor protection
  • Logistics
  • Anti-crisis management
  • Risk management
  • Managerial consulting
  • Advertising
  • Strategic management
  • Operational management
  • Management of innovations
  • Controlling
  • Economic analysis
  • Theory of economic analysis
  • Personnel management
  • Ecology
  • Intellectual property
  • National economy

Researchers have published more than 20 monographs, more than 300 scientific articles, 50 textbooks and manuals such as:

  1. T. Vasylyeva. Banking financing of innovative activity: monograph.
  2. A. Yepifanov, T. Vasylyeva. Systemic approach to investments into socio-economic development of towns: monograph.
  3. A. Yepifanov, T. Vasylyeva. O. Didenko. Risk management of innovations: monograph.
  4. S. Kozmenko, T. Vasylyeva, S. Yaroshenko. Depreciation and optimum operational periods of equipment service: monograph.
  5. S. Kozmenko, T. Vasylyeva, I. Sklyar. Cycles of capital reproduction: monograph.
  6. A. Yepifanov, M. Minchenko, B. Dadashev. Regional management: study book.
  7. A. Yepifanov, S. Kozmenko, M. Makarenko. The liberalization of capital movement during the European integration: the experience of countries of Central Europe: monograph.

Lecturers work on the following research topics:

  • Reformation of the financial system of Ukraine in the conditions of European integration processes.
  • Modern technologies in financial and banking activities in Ukraine.
  • Development of mechanisms for the functioning of the banking system of Ukraine under the influence of foreign capital.
  • Formation of insurance market in Ukraine in the context of sustainable development.
  • Development prospects of the banking system of Ukraine.

The Chair’s staff take an active part in the research of the following topics: investment activity of banks; strategic management of modern organizations; state economic policy; macroeconomic programming; national economy theory; risk management in companies and banks; innovative management; assessment and management of investment and innovative projects; regenerative processes in the economy; labour potential: socio-economic characteristics, environment protection mechanisms: regional aspects; environmental and economic substantiation of the use of land resources.

The Chair is involved in the preparation of scientific dissertations. There were two Doctor’s and 30 Candidate’s dissertations defended in the specialities “Finances, money and credit”, “Economy and the management of scientific and technical progress”, “Economy, organization and management of companies”, “Economy and corporate management”.

The Chair has a circle of applied economic sciences carrying out research in the following areas: investment and innovative management in companies and banks; modern trends in the development of marketing in Ukraine; perspectives for the development of advertising business in Ukraine; modern trends in the development of management in Ukraine and abroad; strategies of socio-economic development of the national economy; economic security of Ukraine; contemporary issues in environmental management.

Foreign partners of the Chair: Banking Institute/College of Banking (Prague, Czech Republic), University of Applied Sciences of the Deutsche Bundesbank (Hachenburg, Germany), University of Konstanz (Germany), Riga Technological University (Riga, Latvia), Romania Polytechnic University, Poznan Banking School.

Chair’s address: Petropavlivska Str. 57, 40030, Sumy, Ukraine.
Tel: (0542) 619-945.