Faculty of Banking Technologies


Dean: Iryna Diakonova,

Doctor of Economic Sciences,
Assistant Professor

The Faculty of Banking Technologies was founded in 2005. It was initially a Faculty of Specialized Economic Training founded in 1996.

The Faculty of Banking Technologies trains specialists in the professional fields, which are vital for Ukraine’s economy: “Banking”, “International Economics” and “Economic Cybernetics”. In the process of training modern information technologies are used, which make it possible to study the existing models of banking systems, stock markets and to work in the real time mode. Innovative pedagogical methods with business games, discussions, dialogues, brainstorms and case studies along with the new information technologies yield excellent results in the training of future specialists, who regularly become prize-winners of national scientific conferences, competitions and student contests. Scientific works of students are known for their interesting topics, practical meaning and innovative approach. The best students are awarded with scholarships.

Future specialists receive sound knowledge in banking, theoretical and applied economics, international economics, become proficient in modern banking technologies and methods of mathematical modeling in the economy. As part of the curricula students can improve their business English and study other foreign languages.

Almost 75 per cent of the Faculty’s lecturers have academic degrees. They are active participants of international scientific forums and conferences. The Faculty’s staff regularly publish dozens of teaching materials. Its academic council oversees issues relating to the process of training, practical attachments of students, examinations and diploma projects.

Graduates of the faculty work in the system of the National Bank of Ukraine, commercial banks, private companies, industrial enterprises, research institutes and higher educational institutions.
The Faculty of Banking Technologies offers full-time and part-time forms of study.

The Faculty consists of the following Chairs: