Foreign Languages Department

Hnapovska Lyudmyla

Head of the Foreign Languages Department: Hnapovska Lyudmyla, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor

General Information

Foreign Languages Department was founded in September, 1, 1996. At present 17 teachers are working at the Department.

The Department is headed by Iryna Anatolyivna Bokun, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, M.Ed in TTELT (Exeter University, UK). The Department consists of 9 associate professors, 2 senior teacher, 5 assistants, 1 senior laboratory assistants.

Courses taught by Foreign Languages Department:<>

  • English / German / French for Specific Purposes
  • Foreign Language (English, German, French)
  • Latin
  • Profound Study of English / German / French for Specific Purposes
  • Business English / German / French
  • English (supplementary)
  • German as the Second Foreign Language
  • French as the Second Foreign Language
  • Foreign Language for post-graduate students

Scientific, Educational and Methodical Activity of the Department.

Scientific activity: linguistics, methods of teaching Business English / German / French. The scientific and research work of the Department and the teachers lies in the elaboration of the topic “Peculiarities of the Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages for Business Communication”.

Educational activity: teaching foreign languages - English, German, French, Latin.

The lecturers of the Department investigate the problems of comparative pedagogics, elaborate methods of teaching Business English / German / French, anthropological, communicative and cognitive linguistics.

The lecturers of the Department took part in the development of the National State Programme “Business English in Ukraine” carried out by the British Council.

Foreign Languages Department of the Academy supported the joint initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science and the British Council in Ukraine as to the creation of more favourable conditions for learning English in higher educational institutions.

Assistant professor Khodtseva A.O. is among the project team which in close cooperation with the British colleagues developed common criteria and standards of English for Specific Purposes for higher non-linguistic educational institutions in Ukraine in compliance with common European framework of reference to language education and prepared the fist version of the national model programme in English which meets the demands of the European Educational Space.

At present the Department is participating in piloting the European Language Portfolio for Economists.

International Relations.

The Department keeps the relations with Northumbria University, St. Mark and St. John College in Plymouth (Great Britain), State University Iowa (the USA), Göte Institute (Germany). The teachers of the Department are members of international organizations of English teachers TESOL, IATEFL.

The Department maintains ties with Foreign Languages Department of the National Transport University (Kyiv) as the joint approbation of the model programme of English for Specific Purposes (Module “Effective Telephoning”) and the analysis of the experience in credit-unit system use. Invitations to participate in conferences, the assistance in students’ and teachers’ abstracts and articles publishing, correction of the syllabus prove the collaboration to be effective.

Credit-unit system is implemented by the teachers as follows:

  • The syllabus for every course has been developed;
  • All courses are provided with text-books and methodical recommendations for practical classes and students’ self-study.