The Chair of Economic Cybernetics

Konstantin Gritsenko

Head of the Chair: Victor Oliynyk,
Associate Professor,
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

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General information

The Chair of Economic Cybernetics was founded in 2000. It has the highest level of accreditation and trains bachelors, specialists and masters in Economic Cybernetics.

The Chair consist of 16 emlpoyees: doctor of science, professor - 1; candidates of economic sciences – 10, including assistant professors - 8; assistants - 4; teaching assistant - 1; technician - 1; head of the laboratory - 1.

Disciplines taught by the Chair:

  • Information Science
  • Economic Cybernetics
  • Administration of Information Systems
  • Economic and Mathematical Modelling
  • Information Systems in Economics
  • Information Business: Market Structure
  • Corporate Information Systems
  • Economic Modelling
  • Economic Dynamics Modelling
  • Modelling System Characteristics in Economics
  • Technology of Software and Intelligent Systems Creation: Artificial Intelligence
  • Mathematical Software

Particular attention is paid to the computer training of future economists. All of the professional courses have computer support. There are an internal Web-site of the Chair ( /), scientific group on programming and Networking Academy CISCO. The Chair regularly introduces new methodical papers on application of information technology in economics.

Owing to cooperation with Microsoft MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDN AA), all students of the Chair can use free of charge on their personal computers licensed Microsoft software, including Windows, Visual Studio, Project, Visio and other products.

The researchers of the Chair have prepared more than 35 methodical papers, 200 scientific works including 50 monographs, brochures and textbooks, in particular:

  • A. Kirychenko, V. Mishchenko, S. Vakhnyuk. Bank management. 2005.
  • T. Klebanov, I. Nikolaev, S. Hayluk. Model operation and development of agricultural enterprises. 2009.
  • S. Dmitrov, A. Merenkova, L. Levchenko, T. Medved. Modelling risks of banks for the legalization of criminal proceeds and terrorist financing. 2008.
  • Modern and perspective methods and models of the economy. 2008.

The Department conducted research themes in:

  • Modern technologies of financial and banking activities in Ukraine (state registration number 0102U06965)
  • Status and prospects of the banking system of Ukraine (state registration number 0107U012112)

The department conducted training and protection of 6 Ph.D. theses.

Great attention is paid to scientific work with students. The department established scientific society on programming, which aims to deepen students' knowledge of modern technologies and programming languages, advanced trends in the development of software systems. The society holds regular meetings, at which both local and invited speakers, including renowned authors, developers and world-class programmers. The society specializes in platform Microsoft. NET Framework.