The Chair of International Economics

Head of the Chair: Yuriy Petrushenko,
Assistant Professor,
Candidate of Economic Sciences

General information.

The Chair of International Economics is one of the youngest at the Academy. Lecturers of the Chair are professionals with the practical and research experience. This allows them to teach students according to modern requirements. There are 15 lecturers including 3 professors, 6 assistant professors, 1 senior lecturer, 4 junior staff and 1 Chair assistant.

Website of the Chair of International Economics.

The main task of the Chair is the teaching of disciplines in international economics, carrying out of scientific research, gradual introduction of the Boulogne process principles.

The Chair’s staff have developed the modern model of training for specialists in the field of international economics which is based on the study of fundamental economic theory with a special attention being paid to the development of practical skills.

Disciplines taught by the Chair:

  • State regulation of foreign economic activity
  • International economics
  • International currency relations
  • Currency regulation
  • Accounting in foreign countries
  • Foreign economic activity
  • Financial systems in foreign countries
  • Monetary systems of foreign countries
  • Stock markets and their activities
  • International marketing
  • Management of foreign economic activity
  • Operations with financial derivatives
  • Financial risks management
  • International currency transactions, crediting and settlement operations
  • International accounting standards
  • Insurance of foreign economic activity
  • Customs regulation
  • Management of international projects
  • International management
  • Personnel management
  • Macroeconomics
  • Global economy
  • Business communications and international communications
  • International settlement and currency operations
  • Global commodity and financial markets
  • International labor market and employment
  • Corporate management.
  • Transnational corporations and banks
  • International investment activity
  • International trade
  • International economic analysis
  • International organizations
  • International strategies of economic development
  • Conjuncture on the global commodity and financial markets

The Chair’s lecturers deliver disciplines for the students of the Faculty of Banking Technologies, the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, and Law Faculty in the full-time and part-time forms of studying.

During their research scientists use the latest methods of economic analysis. They present their findings to the broad audience. Lecturers have published more than 25 scientific works, including 18 monographs and 2 text-books including the following:

  1. M. Makarenko. The strategy of inflation targeting in the system of the state monetary policy. Monograph.
  2. O. Kostyuk. Corporate management in banks. Monograph.
  3. I. Dyakonova. Modernization of the banking supervision in Ukraine. Monograph.
  4. F. Zhuravka. Currency policy in the conditions of transformations in the Ukrainian economy. Monograph.
  5. I. Dyakonova. An efficient banking system is a key to the economic growth of Ukraine. Monograph.
  6. M. Makarenko. T. Savchenko. A system of transfer pricing in commercial banks. Monograph.
  7. O. Kostyuk. Cоrporate board practices. Monograph.
  8. O. Kostyuk. Corporate governance. Text-book.

The main areas of research:

  • Integration development of Ukraine’s economy
  • Monetary and credit policy in foreign countries
  • Foreign experience of corporate management
  • Currency, credit and financial regulation of the economy

The Chair’s lecturers take an active part in scientific conferences, in particular, in the annual conference “Problems and development trends in the banking system of Ukraine”.

The scientific and pedagogical potential of the Chair is focused on helping the talented young people continue their education at the post-graduate courses, thus preparing for the Chair highly qualified people with modern thinking, fluent knowledge of foreign languages and excellent computer skills.

The Chair of International Economics actively cooperates with the Chair of the World Economy of the Financial Academy with the Government of the Russian Federation, University of Applied Sciences of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Banking School of Poznan (Poland) in the fields of student and staff exchanges, scientific work, organization of conferences. Cooperation agreements have been signed with universities in England, Italy, Argentina, Japan, China, Australia, Germany, South Africa and Malaysia.

Chair’s address: Petropavlivska Str. 57, 40030, Sumy, Ukraine.
Tel: (0542) 619-942