Law Faculty


Viktor Suhonos,
Doctor of Legal Sciences,

The Law Faculty trains specialists in the areas of “Legal regulation of the economy” and “Legal economic activity”. Lawyers with the sound knowledge of economics are needed in financial institutions and state authorities where they are in very high demand.

Students study in depth the system of law-enforcement. They have a good understanding of the economic processes in Ukraine and the world, possessing a profound knowledge of companies’ financial and economic activities. On the whole, the teaching process of the faculty is focused on the economy.

The Faculty has a highly professional staff. The majority of teachers have scientific degrees and considerable practical experience in the area of jurisprudence. During an academic year they publish dozens of text-books and teaching materials. Some of their articles are published in the most prominent law journals of Ukraine. Lecturers of the faculty submit proposals on legislative bills regarding the economic and financial law, taxation and customs regulations.

The Law Faculty has established good relations with scholars of such leading institutions as The Koretsky’s Institute of State and Law, National Law Academy of Ukraine and others.

Most students have their practical attachments in financial institutions, state authorities, law-enforcement agencies and firms.

The Law Faculty offers full-time and part-time forms of study.

The Faculty consists of the following Chairs: