Chair of Civil Law disciplines and Banking Law

Viktor Chernadchuk

Head of the Chair: Viktor Chernadchuk, Doctor of Law, Professor.

General information.

The Chair of Civil Law disciplines and Banking Law was founded in 2000. The Chair trains students in civil, financial and banking law disciplines.

Website of the Chair of Civil Law

The Department consists of 11 lecturers, among them 2 Professor, 5 Associate Professor, 3 Assistants.

The main area of the Chair’s research is the legal support of the banking institutions of Ukraine and legal foundations of Ukraine’s economic system. The results of the Chair’s scientific and research activity are used in the process of teaching, in the writing of text-books, brochures and articles.

The lecturers of the chair prepared 200 scientific research.

Disciplines taught by the Chair:

  • "Civil Law";
  • "Family Law";
  • "Law of employment";
  • "Financial Law";
  • "Law of Taxation";
  • "Banking Law";
  • "Intellectual Property Law";
  • "Legal regulation of the insolvency of the bank";
  • "Economic Law";
  • "Legal statistics";
  • "Legal Foundations of Foreign-economic Activity";
  • "Monetary Law";
  • "Legal regulation of the securities market";
  • "Arbitration Proceeding";
  • "Legal Regulation of the Insolvency";
  • "Corporate Law";
  • "Commercial Law";
  • "Lien Law";
  • "Law of the of promissory notes circulation".

The lecturers of the Chair deliver specialized disciplines for employees of the National Bank of Ukraine, who attend thematic seminars and in-service training courses.

Chair’s address: Soborna Str. 39, 40030, Sumy, Ukraine.

Tel: (0542) 61-91-67