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State and Law.

Head of the Chair: Anatoliy Tkachenko, Candidate of History, Assistant Professor.

General information

The Chair of State and Law trains students in theoretical, historical and legal disciplines. Its task is to form students’ abilities to master general legal disciplines and provide good theoretical training for specialized legal disciplines. The Chair also delivers law subjects to students of economic specialities.

The Department consists of 2 doctors, professors and 5 associate professors, most of whom received academic titles and degrees while working at the department. The dissertation of the Department's assistant M. Kuntsevych is ready for defense with another one (assistant Y. Samoylenko) nearing completion. Most of them received their scientific degrees while working at the Chair. Some of the staff are on the way to defend their dissertations. Future lecturers are hand-picked among the talented students. At the moment there are four lecturers, who are the former students. One of them has already defended his dissertation.

The main task of the Chair is to provide high quality training for the students in the speciality “Law”, who study at the legal faculty. The functional responsibilities of the Chair are defined by the curricula for bachelors and masters. According to them, the Chair’s lecturers deliver a block of theoretical, historical and legal disciplines. The responsibility of the Chair’s staff is to adapt the first-year students to the teaching process at the Academy, form their skills in acquiring the legal knowledge and provide adequate theoretical training for studying specialized legal disciplines.

Lecturers of the Chair carries out research in the following fields:

  • History of banking law;
  • Constitutional Law;
  • Problems of state building and local self-government;
  • Legal aspects of environment protection; factors of ecologic security; the role of financial institutions in environment protection.
  • International ecological law

The Chair’s lecturers take an active part in the activities of the editorial board of the Law Faculty’s scientific publication “Legal Herald of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking”. Lecturers pay great attention to the organization of scientific and research activities of students. There is an analytical club “Danko”, Scientific society of students and young researchers of the Law Faculty founded in 2006. Since 2001 the Chair has been organizing inter-university student scientific meetings dedicated to the General Declaration of Human Rights. In 2006 the format of the event was extended to the organization of the conference “Human rights in the contemporary state building: theoretical and practical aspects”. Students, post-graduates, young lecturers, university academics from Ukraine, Byelorussia, Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, the United States of America participate in these conferences.

The Scientific society of students and young researchers has established relations with the Law Faculty of the Kursk State Univiersity (Russia). Within the framework of the joint cooperation agreement there is an exchange of students and delegations going on, joint research activities with the Student research society of the Kursk University.

Disciplines taught by the Chair:

  • Agrarian Law
  • Election Law
  • State law of foreign countries
  • State building and local self-government in Ukraine
  • Office-work and documentation
  • Environmental law
  • Land law
  • History of law teachings
  • History of law teachings of foreign countries
  • History of law in Ukraine
  • Constitutional law of Ukraine
  • International law
  • International economic law
  • International private law
  • Comparative jurisprudence
  • State and Law
  • State and Law theories
  • Legal deontology
  • Legal system of the European Union

The main area of the Chair’s research is the legal support of the banking institutions of Ukraine, study of constitutional and legal foundations of Ukraine’s economic system, legal responsibility in the national and international law. The results of the Chair’s scientific and research activity are used in the process of teaching, in the writing of text-books, brochures and articles.

Chair’s address: Soborna Str. 39, 40030, Sumy, Ukraine.
Tel: (0542) 61-91-64