The Chair of the criminal-law disciplines


Zavgorodnia Vladyslava
завідувач кафедри
Head of the Chair, Associate Professor,
Candidate of Law

General Information

The Chair of the criminal-law disciplines of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine was founded in 2000 and is a part of the Law Faculty. Currently, the Chair consists of 7 employees: 2 professors, 2 associate professors, 2 senior lecturers, 1 technician.

The following subjects are taught at the Chair:

  • The administrative law;
  • Administrative process;
  • Executive proceedings;
  • Competition and antitrust law;
  • Forensic Science;
  • Criminal law;
  • Criminal Procedure;
  • Criminology;
  • Notarìat;
  • The legal basis of the banking supervision;
  • Legal framework of public administration in the field of banking activities;
  • Judicial and law enforcement agencies;
  • Civil process.

Main scientific achievements of the Chair

Over the period of the Chair existence Svitlana Shcherbak defended her thesis for the degree of Candidate of Law Sciences. Petro Malanchuk prepared his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Law Sciences. At the whole, lecturers of the Chair prepared and published over 100 scientific papers.

Lecturers of the Chair participated in the following Conferences:

  • "Innovative methods of legal education: concepts, the meaning and practical application" – all-Ukrainian scientific-practical Conference (Kyiv-MOHYLA ACADEMY, 2003);
  • "Methodological aspects of legal science at the present stage" - International Conference (Kyiv, 2004);
  • "Judicial reform in Ukraine" - Scientific Conference (Kyiv, 2004);
  • "Methodological problems of legal science" - scientific-theoretical conference (Kiev, 2003);
  • "Ukrainian Administrative Law: Status and Directions of Reform" - the Third National Scientific Conference (Odessa National Law Academy, 2003);
  • "Academic course of administrative law of Ukraine" - the scientific-practical Conference (Chernivtsi National University named after y. Fedkovycha, 2005);
  • "The formation of the legal system of Ukraine at the present stage" – International Scientific Conference (Dnipropetrovsk, 2005);
  • "Problems of criminal justice in Ukraine" - the international scientific-practical Conference (Sumy, 2005);
  • "The question of application of the Civil Code of Ukraine and civil procedural law during the execution of judicial decisions" - Centre for Judicial Studies at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Kyiv, 2005);
  • "Administrative Law of Ukraine: current status and further reforms" - IV National scientific conferences (Simferopol, 2005).

Students of the faculty under the guidance of the lecturers of the criminal-law disciplines Chair annually take part in the following student scientific and practical conferences:

  • "Civil Service Reform in Ukraine" - Student Research Conference (Sumy Branch of the National University of Internal Affairs, 2003);
  • "Problems and prospects of Ukraine's banking system: a look into the future" - VI Scientific Conference of Students (UABS, 2004);
  • "Banking Law" - VIII Student Scientific Conference (UABS, 2005);
  • "Problems and prospects of development of the banking system of Ukraine: a look into the future" – XI Student scientific-practical Conference (Ukrainian Academy of Banking 2008).

Educational and methodical work.

Lecturers of the Chair prepared and published more than 20 teaching materials to conduct practical seminars, performing tests and term papers on subjects that are taught at the department.

Methodical base is updated annually to reflect changes in legislation and modern achievements in legal sciences.

Scientists of the Chair deliver lectures at the National Bank employees training courses. The themes of the lectures are: 'Legal Public Administration and Civil Service', 'Problems of enforcement proceedings in Ukraine'.

Contact details:
Sumy, Soborna str, 39, Corp. No.1, rooms 206, 216.
Tel.: (0542) 61-91-69