Research activities

Scientific work at the Academy is realized by chairs, organized by the Research Center and coordinated by the vice-rector for scientific work. The Academy’s priorities include scientific research, the areas of which are determined by its conception and strategic development guidelines till 2015. Therefore, all current and future objectives of the Academy are aimed at intensifying and improving scientific research.

The main area of scientific activities is the realization of research aimed at solving the problems of the financial and banking system of Ukraine determined by the Degree of the National Bank of Ukraine № 73 of 3.03.2012 "On the approval of the priority research areas of the National Bank of Ukraine for 2013-2015" - public support of the National Bank of Ukraine; identification of systemic risks and their impact on the financial sector of Ukraine; macro-prudential regulation and supervision; improvement and development of the monetary payment systems established by the National Bank of Ukraine.

These issues are the basis for decision-making in the formation of proposals regarding the Common thematic research plan of the National Bank of Ukraine; the planning of research projects ordered by the state or outside organizations, as well as the coordination and preparation of scientific dissertations and research of students.