To ensure cooperation with the world scientific and cultural community the Academy has founded the following international centers:

International Centre for Banking and Corporate Governance, which includes 63 scholars from 26 countries. The head of the Centre is the Academy’s Professor Alexander Kostyuk. At the initiative of the Centre every year scientists from the leading world universities deliver lectures on banking, finance and corporate governance. The Academy’s lecturers are invited to participate in international projects. The center, like a magnet, attracts renowned researchers from the leading countries.

The Academy has a functioning International Center for Scientific Research of the Theory and Practice of Insurance. The center’s activities were launched in 2011 with the monograph "Insurance and reinsurance markets in the era of globalization" under the general editorship of Doctor of Economics, Professor Olga Kozmenko. The center’s participants have ambitious plans for the future – expansion of the range of investigated insurance issues, establishing contacts with insurers-practitioners and research centers dealing with the insurance market.

The Academy also has the Polish-Ukrainian Center and the European Union Information Center which organize informational, educational and cultural events.