International Center for Banking and Corporate Governance

International Center for Banking and Corporate Governance is a research institute at the Department of International Economics of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine. The Center was established with a constant support and sponsorship of the Publishing House "Virtus Interpress". The Center has a wide portfolio of research in the banking and corporate governance areas in an international context. Recent research includes corporate governance practices in banks during financial crisis, bank directors" remuneration, corporate governance development in Central and Eastern Europe, banking regulation under financial crisis, banks and stock market. In 2013 the Center was included into the 51st edition (2014/2015) of the Yearbook of International Organizations.

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The main aims of the Center are following:

  • to conduct and encourage high quality research in banking and corporate governance;
  • to engage in interdisciplinary and cross-border research through collaboration with contacts worldwide;
  • to consult with professional bodies, banks, corporations and other groups, on banking and corporate governance issues;
  • to disseminate the research of the Center as widely as possible through published research, presentations at conferences and seminars.

The Center has several specifics which make it unique:

  • The Center has an international board. There are members from many countries of the world including Germany, Canada, Ukraine, France, the USA, the UK, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic.
  • Members of the Center represent 32 countries of the world to deliver the truly international value to the Center research activity.
  • Members of the Center are represented on the three levels: the first – graduate students; the second – PhD students; the third – professors.