Scientific publications

State higher educational institution "Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine” publishes scientific journals in economics and philosophy, which have been approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine:

  1. Scientific and practical journal "Bulletin of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking" (twice a year);
  2. Collection of Scientific Works "Problems and prospects of the banking system of Ukraine" (every year).
  3. Scientific and practical journal "Legal Bulletin the Ukrainian Academy of Banking" (twice a year).
  4. Collection of Scientific Works "World outlook – philosophy – religion" (twice a year).

The cost of publishing the material in scientific journals and collections of scientific papers is 848.70 Ukrainian Hryvnias for 1 published sheet - 40 thousand printed characters including spaces.

For publication in the scientific journals and collections of scientific works materials should be sent (by mail) to the Scientific Center of the Academy in the printed form and on CD-Rs, or sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Languages of publications - Ukrainian, Russian and English. Contents of articles must comply with the publication profile.

The manuscript must be signed and dated. If there are several authors, the manuscript must be signed by all of them.

Authors are responsible for the scientific and methodical level of articles, the validity of conclusions, and the accuracy of facts.

The materials are published in the language of the original. The editors of publications reserve the right to edit submitted materials.

The compliance of authors with the above requirements will speed up the publication of the submitted materials.

Materials that do not meet the established requirements and journals" profiles will not be accepted.