The collection of scientific works "Legal Bulletin of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking"

The journal was founded in 2008. It is published twice a year in the Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Editorial Board:

Chief editors – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Assistant professor D. Lukyanets;
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Y. Shemshuchenko;
Executive secretary – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Assistant professor V. Zavgorodnya.

The journal publishes the results of research concerning the legal issues, the current legal problems of the banking system, law enforcement and other agencies, the analysis of law-making and the practice of law.

This is a publication for legal professionals, representatives of public authorities, researchers, lecturers and students.

The bulletin contains the following thematic headings:

  • theory and history of law;
  • constitutional and administrative law;
  • financial and banking law;
  • civil and commercial law;
  • international law;
  • agrarian and land law;
  • criminal law and procedure.

The Legal Bulletin of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The certificate of state registration number 13433-2317Р of 26.09.2007.