Global Impact Factor

On January 14th, 2013 the Editorial Board of the journals "Corporate Ownership and Control", "Corporate Board: role, duties and composition", "Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets&Institutions", "Journal of Governance and Regulation", which are published by the publishing house "Virtus Interpress" under the auspices of the International Centre for Banking and Corporate Governance of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking and the chief editor of which is the Doctor of Economics, Professor Alexander Kostyuk, received the confirmation about the inclusion of these journals into the Global Impact Factor international database.

The ranking of journals is based on GIF index, which includes the assessment by the number of published articles and their quality, which is determined according to such key indicators as the novelty of research, scientific value of the results, quality of reviewing, regularity of publication, quality of technical editing. In comparison with the previous years in 2013 the quality of publications in all four journals significantly increased confirmed by the growth of the GIF index for each journal:

The quality of publications of the above-mentioned journals is quite high even in comparison with other international economic journals. In 2013, the impact factor of the "Economics and Business Letters" journal (Spain) was 0,415, the "Mathematical Finance Letters" journal (UK) - 0.257; the "European Academic Research" journal (Romania) - 0,485; "Business Management Dynamics" (UK) - 0.526; "International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences" (USA) - 0.365.