Electronic archive of the Academy eUABIR is in the top ten of the best Ukrainian repositories

The Academy’s Institutional Repository is a window into the international scientific environment.

Institutional Repository of the Academy (eUABIR) is a successful and efficient project of our institution known both nationally and internationally. It contributes to the scientific potential of the institution, improving the quality of the scientific work of lecturers, creating a positive image of the Academy.

Today the institutional repository of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking means:

  • 11613 titles of scientific and educational materials;
  • 1180 registered users;
  • 340,330 visits.

The Institutional Repository is in the top ten of the best electronic archives of Ukraine winning the leading positions in the Webometrics ranking. According to "The Ranking Web of World repositories" in July 2014 the Academy’s Repository occupied the 8th place in Ukraine and the 443 place in the international ranking.