Rating of CIS universities

Russia's largest international rating agency "Expert RA" (Moscow) conducts a research "Rating of CIS universities". The best educational institutions of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) will be determined according to the results of multivariate analysis, which is based on historical data and the results of surveys of the academic and scientific community’s representatives, students, alumni and employers. For the participation in the ranking 195 leading universities were selected: from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan - 3 universities from each country, from Moldova - 4 universities, from Belarus - 13 universities, from Kazakhstan – 15 universities, from Russia – 97 universities, from Ukraine - 51 universities including the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine.

The purpose of the rating is the assessment of the universities’ ability to provide high quality knowledge and skills, to attribute ratings to CIS-based universities to promote their positions in the global university rating systems, foster cooperation among these countries in university education and better train professionals for the needs of national economies.