Rating of scientific journals of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education

The journal "Problems and Perspectives in Management" (Editor in Chief – Doctor of Economics, Professor, Acting Rector of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking Serhiy Kozmenko) was included in the annual ranking of scientific journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland conducts an evaluation process of the scientific journals every year. The aim of the evaluation process is to assign points to scientific journals which translates into points for scientific articles they publish.

There are three lists: one for social science and humanities journals indexed in ERIH list (all of them get 10 points) - called part C, and one for journals from Journal Citation Reports (points from 15 to 50) - called part A. For other journals (included in part B) an evaluation is based on journal questionnaire. The Ministry has very detailed system of weights assigned to each criterion. Different weights are used for science, social science and humanities journals. The most important criterion is called PIF, Predicted Impact Factor, that is calculated for each journal on the basis of citations taken from Web of Science Cited Reference Search. 10 points are assigned to the best journals and 1 point is assigned to the journals of the lowest quality.

The journal "Problems and Perspectives in Management" received 6 points out of ten. It should be noted that it is a very high figure, as more points were received only by the most famous and universally recognized world publications. The very fact of the journal entering the prestigious rating indicates its success in the global scientific community.

The journal addresses the burning questions of management at all levels, namely international organizations and communities, state, region and company. Also, key aspects of planning, organization, motivation and control in various areas of different countries' economic activity are analyzed. The journal is comprised of several sections: macroeconomic processes and regional management, management in firms and organizations, general issues in management and practitioner's corner.