The defense of dissertation works

There is a specialized scientific council In the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of National Bank of Ukraine since 1997. According to the order of the Supreme Attestation Commission of Ukraine № 414 from 06.22.2010 specialized academic councils 55.081.01 was created with the right to consideration and protection of theses for the degree of doctor of economic sciences and specialties:

  • 08.00.03 - economics and management of the national economy;
  • 08.00.08 - money, finance and credit (for the period of three years);

During the existence of the specialized scientific board of the Academy over 150 applicants defended their theses.

08.00.03 - Economics and Management of the National Economy (for the period of three years):

1. The specialty 08.00.03 formula - Economics and Management of the National Economy

Economics and management of the national economy is a scientific specialty, which explores the functioning of state systems and mechanisms of economic management at sectoral and cross-sectoral levels, methods and economic instruments of regulation of economic processes and their efficiency, effectiveness and functioning of the national economy, economic policy, ways and means of implementation, forms, methods and instruments of state regulation of the national economy.

2. Areas of study

  • The structure of the national economy, structural policy and its implementation mechanism;
  • The models of the national economy state regulation;
  • Theory and practice of forecasting and macroeconomic planning in the system of national economy state planning of certain sectors and branches;
  • The regulators and levers of anti-crisis state policy;
  • The peculiarities of regulation in the public sector;
  • The organizational forms, structure and objectives of state economic management;
  • The economic security of the national economy;
  • The investment process, the state investment policy and its implementation mechanism;
  • The innovative development, state innovation policy, scientific and technical policy and mechanism for its implementation;
  • Economic Development Strategy (strategy of macroeconomic development, strategic planning of some macroeconomic processes: scientific and technological progress, investment, innovation, etc.);
  • State forecasting of socio-economic development of the national economy;
  • State social and economic development and state target programs;
  • State regulation of institutional changes in the national economy, denationalization and privatization, governance of state corporate rights;
  • Forecasting and state regulation of certain macro-economic processes (production, income, consumption, investment, inflation, exchange rate, etc.);
  • Forecasting and state regulation of long-term economic development;
  • State regulatory policy and mechanism for its implementation;
  • Antimonopoly policy and its implementation mechanism;

08.00.08 - Money, finance and credit (for the period of three years):

1. The specialty formula

Money, Finance and Credit is a scientific specialty that explores the movement of financial resources, capital formation and use, income and cash funds that contribute to the distribution and redistribution of the GDP in society at the macro level, as well as monetary, financial and credit system and its institutional infrastructure, functioning of public finance, financial and insurance markets, financial national and foreign policies and its components.

2. Areas of study

  • Money supply and money demand, the mechanisms of monetary control. Fiscal and monetary policies and their coordination, inflation and stabilization funds.
  • The financial system, the main ways of its restructuring.
  • Financial government policy and its implementation tools.
  • Financial forecasting, planning and regulation.
  • Financial support for social sectors.
  • State financial sector. State budget and budget system, budget process. State budget policy, budget management.
  • The system of income and expenditure budget, its optimization. Revenues and expenditures of the budget as a means of socio-economic policies.
  • The budget deficit and the system of deficit financing.
  • Local finances and local taxes. Fiscal federalism, inter-budgetary relations. System of budget and financial compensation.
  • Public and private target use funds.
  • State financial control and audit, financial monitoring.
  • The financial security of the state, business and financial institutions.
  • Theory and practice of taxation, forms and methods of taxation, state tax system and state tax policy. Tax management.
  • Tax accounting, tax administration and tax control.
  • State credit and debt management system to internal and external debt.
  • The financial market and its segmentation, tools and securities market infrastructure. Portfolio investment. State on the financial market.
  • Stock market, stock exchange and stock transaction.
  • The hedging of financial risks. Market derivatives.
  • Market of financial services.
  • Theoretical and practical problems of insurance, its main forms, types and branches.
  • Reinsurance in the national and foreign markets.
  • Insurance management.
  • Insurance market, patterns and prospects of its development in Ukraine, insurance services and peculiarities of their implementation.
  • Insurance Marketing and ways of its revitalization.
  • The formation and placement of insurance reserves.
  • The provision of financial stability of insurers.
  • The formation and functioning of credit markets, credit system.
  • The mechanism of the banking system functioning, organization and management of banks, marketing in banking.
  • Mortgage lending, leasing in banking, investment banking.
  • Mechanism of bank loans and its peculiarities in some areas and economic sectors.
  • Organization of non-cash and cash payments.
  • Financial management in the bank.
  • Transactions in foreign currencies, currency regulation and balance of payments.