Student science

As part of the student self-government at the Academy works scientific sector of initiative youth. Its aim is to promote the development of students research interests, their talents, stimulating of their learning activities. System approach to organization of research work of students is realized through research groups and laboratories which work at the chairs of the academy.

Student economic science finds its implementation on an annual students’ scientific conference "Problems and prospects of the banking system of Ukraine: future outlook". This year in April the XIII Conference will take place.

At Law department the International Scientific Conference of students and young scientists "Human rights in the modern state: theoretical and practical aspects" is traditionally carried out.

As a result of conference the best papers are published in the collections of student publications. For 2010 67 research papers of students were published. Academy students demonstrate their achievements beyond the academy, participating in scientific conferences, contests and competitions. In the 2010-2011 academic year, Academy students won and took prizes in academic competitions nationwide and internationally,   including:

  • in the second stage of the Ukrainian student competition our students has 10 victories in various disciplines and specialties;
  • in the second round of All-Ukrainian student research in the natural, technical sciences and humanities - 3;
  • in research and theoretical international conferences out of the academy 6 reports of our students were recognized as the best ones.

For 2010-2011 academic year in professional journals in economics 16 student works were published and 19 works in legal editions.