Scientific clubs

The potential of youth is realized through scientific clubs which function on the academy’s chairs:

  • Department of Banking:
    1. "The internal economy of the bank" – Head: Ph.D., associate professor Krykliy O.A.
    2. "Efficiency of banks' activities" - Head: Ph.D., associate professor Maslak N.G.
    3. "The problems of the banking system of Ukraine" - Head: Ph.D., associate professor Maslak N.G.
    4. "The use of statistical methods in banking" - Head: KE. Sc., Associate Belova I.V.
  • Department of International Economics:
    1. "Current problems of international economics in a global transformation" - Head: Ph.D., senior lecturer Fedirko V.V.
    2. Scientific and practical aspects of international marketing in post-crisis period adaptation"- Head: Ph.D., assistant professor Chala Y.V.
  • Department of Finance:
    1. "Reforming the financial system of Ukraine in European integration processes" - Head: Ph.D., assistant professor Rekunenko I.I.
    2. "Development of the financial mechanism of functioning of economic entities of Ukraine under the influence of European integration processes"- Head: Ph.D., assistant professor Boyarka I.M.
  • Department of Management:
    1. "Problems and Prospects of logistics in Ukraine and the World" - Head r: Doctor of Economics, prof. Vasilyeva T.A.
    2. "Risk management in enterprises and banks" - Head: Doctor of Economics, prof. Vasilyeva T.A.
    3. "Modern Trends in Management Development in Ukraine and abroad" - Head: Ph.D., assistant professor Goncharov M.L.
    4. "Current trends in marketing in Ukraine and abroad" - Head: Dr. Assoc. A.F. Bondarenko, Ph.D., Assoc. G.O. Peresadko
    5. "Problems and perspectives of innovation" - supervisors: Ph.D., assistant professor G.O. Peresadko, Al. Y.M. Krivich
    6. "National economy development strategy" - Director: Ph.D., assistant professor T.V. Procyk
    7. "Problems of Economic Security of Ukraine" - Director: Art. Off. D.L. Tsyhanyuk
    8. "Regional Economy: Problems and Prospects" - Head: Ph.D., assistant professor Martynenko V.O., senior lecturer Gordienko V.P.
    9. "Environmental Management" - Head: Ph.D., assistant professor Martynenko V.O., senior lecturer Gordienko V.P.
    10. "State economic policy" – Head: senior lecturer Lopatkina I.V.
    11. "University education in the context of the Bologna Process - Head: Ph.D., assistant professor Bondarenko A.F., Ph.D., assistant professor T.P. Goncharenko, Ph.D., assistant professor O.A. Rozkoshna
    12. "Safety in the banks" - Head: Ph.D., assistant professor Procyk T.V., lecturer Krivich Y.M.
  • Department of Accounting and Audit:
    1. "The problems of accounting, audit and analysis" - Head: Ph.D., senior lecturer Vynnychenko N.V.
    2. "Economic Analysis in exchange business" - Head: Ph.D., senior lecturer Plastun O.L.
  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science:
    1. "Mathematics for Economists in English" - Head: Ph.D., senior lecturer Dhaher K.A.
    2. "Methods for the quick entry of data base" – Head: lecturer Koybichuk V.
  • Department of State and Legal disciplines:
    1. "Danko" - Head: PhD, Doctor of Law, Professor Sukhonos V.V.
    2. "The scientific club of students and young scientists" - Head: Ph.D., assistant professor Zavgorodnyaya V.M.
  • Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics:
    1. "The theoretical aspects and practical problems of modern economics" - Heads: Ph.D., senior lecturer Guz M.M., Ph.D., senior lecturer Oleksychi D.V.