Athletics is very popular in the Academy. Many secondary school pupils entering the Ukrainian Academy of Banking have no idea that in a few years they will become masters of sport, and some, like Yevgen Hutsol, masters of sports of international class.

Yevgen Hutsol is a student of the Faculty of Accounting and Finance. All his childhood the boy was fascinated by sports, but before entering the Academy he was not seriously engaged. He started training during his first year at the Academy under the supervision of Leonid Pylypey – Head of the Department of Physical training. Yevgen’s main specialization – running at a distance of 400 m. After three years of training he received the title Master of Sports of Ukraine, and in four years – Master of Sports of Ukraine of international class.

Since 2011, the student takes part in international competitions, the European and the World Championships. Among Yevgen’s major achievements are the winning of the championship of Ukraine in 2012, participation in the European Championship in relay race in 2012, participation in the World Cup in 2012 and setting the national record of Ukraine in 2014.

In 2013, Yevgen Hutsol signed a contract with a sportswear company New Balance, representing it during the international and national competitions.

Our athletes enjoy successes, medals, victories and support of the Academy. Every year the number of champions is growing.

Among its students the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine has many athletes who are bright, self-sufficient and vibrant personalities. They successfully combine their studies with regular workouts and sport activities. These are highly motivated people who confidently pursue their goals, setting new records, achieving success in sport and their professional careers. One of the brightest stars in the constellation of our distinguished sportspeople is a runner at distances of 100 m, 200 m and 100 m with hurdles - Oksana Shkurat. She is a student of "Finance" of the Department of Accounting and Finance.

During the years of intense training and thanks to excellent conditions of the Academy’s sports facilities Oksana has made considerable progress, for which she was awarded the title of Master of Sports of Ukraine in athletics. Many times she represented the Academy in the regional competitions among universities, open championships of the Sumy region, Ukrainian championships and international competitions.

In 2012 the Academy’s student Oksana Shkurat became a prizewinner of the championship of Ukraine in Athletics at a distance of 100 m. with hurdles and in the relay race 4x100 m. a medalist of the Ukrainian junior team. The year 2013 was especially fruitful for Oksana Shkurat, when she won a number of important victories, becoming a medalist of the XIII regional competition and a winner in the Ukrainian Championship setting a new record at a distance of 100 m.