The history of women's volleyball at the Academy is rather short: it began in 2005. That year a women's volleyball team of the Academy was created. It consisted of the best players from the university’s different groups. Since 2006, the women's volleyball team has been making its first steps in the sports life of the city and the region. Significant sport achievements came to the girls in 2011, when they won the III place in the city’s tournament. That same year the girls won the II place in the beach volleyball competition among the teams of higher educational institutions of the National Bank of Ukraine. In 2012 the team for the first time won a bronze medal in the regional championship among universities and became a silver medalist in beach volleyball among the universities of the National Bank for the second time in a row. In 2013, the team reinforced the success of the previous year by becoming a bronze medalist of the regional university tournament defeating the team of the Sumy National Agrarian University with the score 3:0 and the team of the Gluhiv Pedagogical University with the score of 3:1.