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Just now the videoconference with Jan TOMBIŃSKI-EU Ambassador to Ukraine - will start. The meeting is devoted to EU-Ukraine cooperation. The Ukraine–EU Association Agreement will start acting on Nov.1 Olga Afanasyeva
Days of GIZ project in Sumy Region Olga Afanasyeva On October 16-17 in Sumy region admonostration has been organized the days of GIZ project "Fit for Partnership with Germany". Lecturers of the department of finance Anton Boyko and Viktoria Royenko took part in that event. Find out more: http://uabs.edu.ua/ua/news/item/prokhodili-dni-proektu-giz-v-sumskij-oblasnij-administratsiji
“Manifestation of sensory perceptions in newspaper informational texts” in Scopus issue Olga Afanasyeva Lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages of Ukrainian Academy of Banking – Assistant Professor, PhD in Philological Sciences H. Kozlovska actively works at scientific activity; she is an author of different articles in English in foreign editorial offices. Recently her article "Manifestation of sensory perceptions in newspaper informational texts" has been published in Scopus. The article is dedicated to discourse analysis. Main attention is paid to the analysis of peculiarities of discourse semantic of lexical units. Read more: http://uabs.edu.ua/en/news/important-news/item/manifestation-of-sensory-perceptions-in-newspaper-informational-texts-in-scopus-issue
Geopolitical shifts in Europe if separatist movements get their way Interesting article in Business Insider this week. After recent events in Ukraine and the upcoming vote in Scotland, could these have a domino effect on the rest of Europe?
Double degree is a reality! Olga Afanasyeva Bachelor students of Ukrainian Academy of Banking (speciality "Finance") have received in July 2014, and in September 2014 they also got Swedish diplomas of Bachelor of Science with specialization in Marketing; Main field of study: Business Administration. It became the reality thanks to the fruitful cooperation of Linnaeus University (Sweden) and International Center for banking and corporate governance (Academy, Ukraine). Read details by the link: http://uabs.edu.ua/en/news/item/department-of-international-economics-double-university-diploma-is-a-reality
Visit to Consulate General Council of the Republic of Poland Olga Afanasyeva On October 15 on the invitation of the Consulate General of Poland in Kharkiv Academy's representatives - vice rector Alla Yarovaya and director of the Scientific Library Nadiya Petryna -attended the official meeting marking the end of consular and diplomatic service of the Consul General Yan Granat and Consul Halina Granat. Find out more: http://uabs.edu.ua/ua/news/item/vizit-do-generalnogo-konsulstva-respubliki-polshcha
Members of Academy's International Center for Banking and Corporate Governance will attend Freiberg University (Germany) Olga Afanasyeva The business trip of Dmytro Govorun and Yaroslav Mozghovyi (Department of International Economics) is a result of collaboration with Jacob Kleinow that attended the conference at the academy in May, 2014. The aim of the visit is to establish cooperation with the Freiberg Universityand to take part in "IMRE Alumni Seminar" (International Management of Resources and Environment) on October 23. The program of the seminar is available here: http://uabs.edu.ua/images/stories/docs/10267/prog.pdf
International scientific online-seminar is starting! Olga Afanasyeva International scientific online-seminar with representatives of Linnæus University (Sweden), Kristianstad University (Sweden) and Norwegian Business School is starting just now at the Scientific Library of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine is starting just now! The topic of the research seminar is "THE MANAGEMENT OF IN-DEPENDENT DIRECTORS: A PRAXIS HYPOTHESIS"
Informational event from Embassy of France in Ukraine Olga Afanasyeva Representatives of Embassy of France in Ukraine have presented the structure of higher education in France and peculiarities of mobility programs for foreign students. Read more: http://uabs.edu.ua/ua/news/feautured-news/item/informatsijnij-zakhid-posolstva-frantsiji-v-ukrajini
Academic Research & Mobility Group (ARMG) has taken part in the project of German Association of national universities Olga Afanasyeva Representative of ARMG Associate Professor Natalia Evchenko took part in the training organized by DVV International devoted to grant application in frames of project "Mutual Future of Ukrainian Society after Maidan". More information: http://uabs.edu.ua/ua/news/item/armg-u-proekti-nimetskoji-asotsiatsiji-narodnikh-universitetiv-dvv-international

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