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Opening of Jean Monnet Winter School at the Ukrainian Academy of Banking Olga Afanasyeva On January 26, 2015 at the Academy’s Scientific Library the first Jean Monnet winter school "Financial aspects of European integration for post-graduate students and young scientists" has been opened. Jean Monnet Winter School (26.01.2015 - 04.02.2015) is the result of the grant received by the Academy within the program EU Erasmus grant +. The project "Financial aspects of the European integration projects: summer/winter schools for young researchers and post-graduate students" aims to develop a module for delivering lectures and conducting research devoted to the development and dissemination of the European integration processes on the financial markets. Within this project young researchers and post-graduate students interested in the study of theoretical principles and practical aspects of the integration processes taking place in the European financial environment, are participating in the academic courses organized on the basis of the summer and winter schools. Read more: http://uabs.edu.ua/en/news/important-news/item/opening-of-jean-monnet-winter-school-at-the-ukrainian-academy-of-banking
Academy's student at the international athletics tournament Olga Afanasyeva Student of the Academy’s Faculty of Accounting and Finance Yevgen Hutsol has taken part in the international tournament in athletics held in Volgograd. He won a silver medal at a distance of 400 meters showing the best result of 47.26 seconds, which is the second result in Europe. Watch video: http://uabs.edu.ua/en/news/important-news/item/yevgen-hutsol-at-the-international-athletics-tournament
Booklet about the Academy: we are open to new ideas, talents and dreams Olga Afanasyeva We have printed a booklet about the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine. A bright edition contains information on the history and achievements of our institution, its present, development trends, opportunities and ambitious plans for the future. You can download the booklet here: http://uabs.edu.ua/images/stories/docs/11517/booklet_uabs.pdf
Presentation of scientific research during the seminar at the Kyiv School of Economics Olga Afanasyeva The Academy'lecturers, members of the Center of Socio-economic Research and Academic Mobility – Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of Finance, Vice Rector Serhiy Leonov and Senior Lecturer of the Department of Banking Anna Buryak, presented the results of the research grant during the 37th scientific seminar at the Kyiv School of Economics within the Economic Research Contest "Autumn 2014". Read more: http://uabs.edu.ua/en/news/item/presentation-of-scientific-research-during-the-seminar-at-the-kyiv-school-of-economics
Scientific collaboration with German colleagues: Risk Management Olga Afanasyeva Members of the International Centre for Banking and Corporate Governance have accepted a proposition from their German colleagues to jointly write a chapter in the book "Risk management on emerging markets: current state, problems and modeling". http://uabs.edu.ua/en/news/item/scientific-collaboration-with-german-colleagues-risk-management
The Academy in the "ecological" ranking of world universities - Green Metric Ranking Olga Afanasyeva The Ukrainian Academy of Banking has been included in the "ecological" ("green") ranking of world universities UI Green Metric Ranking of World Universities 2014, which was published by the University of Indonesia (UI). Find out more: http://uabs.edu.ua/en/news/item/the-academy-in-the-ecological-ranking-of-world-universities-green-metric-ranking
Lecturers of the Academy presented research results at EERC seminar Olga Afanasyeva The grant was devoted to "Systemically Important Banks: the experience of Central and Eastern European Countries" and provided funding research expenses. Read more: http://uabs.edu.ua/ua/news/feautured-news/item/rezultaty-naukovo-doslidnytskoho-hrantu-na-naukovomu-seminari-u-kyivskii-shkoli-ekonomiky
The Academy has received a grant from the International Foundation "Renaissance" Olga Afanasyeva On December 25 the Head of the Department of International Economics Y. Petrushenko visited the head office of the International "Renaissance" Foundation in Kiev to sign an agreement on the implementation of the project "Advocacy of the right to education of internally displaced persons in the Sumy universities". Read more: http://uabs.edu.ua/en/news/important-news/item/the-academy-has-received-a-grant-from-the-international-renaissance-foundation
International Conference on Business & Economics of the Hellenic Open University 2015 http://icbe-hou.eap.gr/ Augustinos Dimitras
Memorandum of understanding between UN Development Programme and Academy Olga Afanasyeva By the initiative of the Head of Chair ofInternational Economics Yuriy Petrushenko the MoA between UNDP and Academy has been signed More: http://uabs.edu.ua/ua/news/feautured-news/item/pidpysano-memorandum-pro-spivpratsiu-mizh-akademiieiu-i-proon

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